Bootstrap Cinema

Want to try your hand at making movies (because you find current offerings too formula-driven)? Movies can cost over $100 million to make, what if you have only $ 10k? Filmmaker Rubidium of Crimson Engine tells how you could make movies with budgets of $10k, $100k and $1,000k in a (gripping) narrative.

Essentially, at $10k, it would be one location and one shoot, asking for favours (or callling on them) from cast and crew (if you have the network) and trading time for money (DIY tinkering and waiting for your contacts to be free to help). With bigger budgets, more money gives more options and more professional resources.

Ready to jump in? Find out how you can be a movie producer at the American Film Showcase happening next Tuesday Aug 27, 10am-10pm @ FINAS, PJ. Dwell further into acting on Saturday, Aug 31, 9am-9pm @ PJ. Explore what indie filmmakers are doing at a 10-minute-film festival [tix] happening Sep 6-7, 6pm-10pm @ KL. Get ideas for your script from social entrepreneurs [tix] this Sunday, Aug 25, 11am-1pm @ KL.

[Video glossary: SAG=Screen Actors Guild, DGA=Directors Guild of America]