Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto
There have being a few guesses as to the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto [Satoshi=Intelligent, Nakamoto=Central, thus Satoshi Nakamoto=Central Intelligence], the anonymous founder of bitcoin and the associated blockchain. All turned out inconclusive or were false leads. Last week Decrypt reported cyber sleuth Kimberly Forsythe managed to piece together, using chronological, event, language and activity analysis, that four individuals are possibly, collectively 'Satoshi Nakamoto':

The four (Irish, Estonians and Japanese respectively) met at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and started Guardtime, an enterprise blockchain development company based in Estonia around the time bitcoin was launched. Guardtime is said to be highly successful, and its success could be the reason why 'Satoshi' did not continue spending time on bitcoin. Interestingly, here is what Guardtime has to say about blockchain [our summary and paraphrasing]:
  • Blockchain is misunderstood.
  • Taking what was designed for cryptocurrencies to do X, Y Z (eg putting X, Y or Z on blockchain) is like 'having a hammer, everything looks like a nail'.
  • DLTs fare no better.
  • They may overly focus on distributed governance and sales of cloud services.
  • The key is putting the subject matter first and cryptography (of which there are many methods and which blockchain is just one) after, not the other way round.

Ninja Satoshi Nakamoto and kudos to international collaboration. [Image credits (left to right): Mike Gault (TheCipherBrief), Märt Saarepera (Cybenetica), Ahto Buldas (Wiki), Joichi Ito (MIT).]