Razer Beam

RazerPay was in the news recently for partnering with Visa to allow RazerPay to be used at 54 million Visa merchants globally. Although Razer's CEO had proffered a few card designs, official information released mentioned only an app not a card. How then could an app be used with millions of standard Visa terminals? Two possibilities:
  • RazerPay members will indeed be issued a physical card, or
  • Visa plans to upgrade its merchants to be app (QR-code, NFC) capable.
The second option will dovetail with Libra's ewallet (Visa is a founding Libra association member).

Mobile payments and ewallets go well with wearables, perhaps we may see some Libra-esque movements in that space as well (not necessarily referring to Razer). To use a wearable for transactions, data needs to be exchanged or beamed between it and a payment terminal (or a peer device). Possible tech: light (QR-code, LiFi), sound (eg. Chirp) and radio wave (Bluetooth, RFID, FelicCa, NFC, 5G).

Latest Fintech Startups via
  • Current - Mobile-only bank for youngsters, which parents can chip in too
  • Qonto - User friendly digital bank for small businesses
  • Curve - One app, multiple cards
  • Raisin - Pan-European fixed deposits marketplace
  • GetSafe - Customise your insurance using an app and get it in 5 minutes

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