Product Management

A product manager must decide what features to add or not add.
People (in urban jobs) are generally aware of the various CxO roles, CEO, COO, CMO, CFO and CTO. Recent additions include the CDO (chief digital officer) and CPO (chief product officer). What does a product manager (CPO if the product is big and complicated) do? Imagine him or her as a mini-COO for a product, like, say, Maggi Hot Cup (a brand of instant ramen cup noodles). This may involve strategy, ideation, development, production, support & profitability (but not usually sales & marketing) in a highly focused vertical.

The concept of product management can be applied to hobbies (which it becomes more like project management) and to local authorities (imagine a product - be it parking, street lighting or river basin  - at a particular suburb being managed by and accountable to one officer). Find out more about product management in two forthcoming events in KL and JKT (see listings below for tix details).

Pick of Events (W2-Aug-2019)

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Link Green Hackathon @ KL tix
Link Machine Learning @ KL
Link Harmonizing Statistics @ KL

Link Party in a Train @ KL tix
Link Veggie Festival @ KL tix
Link Inclusive Events @ KL
Link Lit Festival @ KK
Link Performances @ KL 1 2 3 4 vid

Around The Region
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