Chapati Challenge

Bread is a staple food in many parts of the world. It comes in many forms and formulations with wheat as a common base ingredient. It can be eaten plain, toasted or accompanied by spreads, gravies or condiments. It may be leavened (contains pockets of air like in common bread) or unleavened (compacted like in a chapati). Among the different types of bread are:

  • White - Common bread found in eateries made from polished flour
  • Brown - Made brown by adding molasses, coffee or wholemeal
  • Wholemeal - Contains flour plus germ (seed) and bran (husk)
  • Multigrain - Made from wholemeal, millet, barley, flax and oats

  • Paratha [aka canai] - Griddle-fried bread layered by flipping and folding
  • Naan - Ghee-brushed, oven-baked bread
  • Chapati - Wholemeal bread that is pan-fried without oil [image]
  • Thosai - Crepe-like bread made from fermented rice flour

  • Idly - Bun made from steamed rice and black lentils
  • Puri - Wheat bread that is deep fried into an air-filled ball
  • Pau - Steamed bread that contains a filling
  • Brioche - Rich bread made from flour, eggs, butter and cream

Chapati is not commonly offered in Indian eateries (in KL). To partake in the extra goodness of wbolemeal chapati (vs white flour paratha), one might need to make them oneself. Find out how at a chapati workshop happening 10am, Aug 18th, 2019 @ Sentul Festival 2019. Other workshops include journaling and society.

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