Street Lambada

Busker Violinist
We're back on street beat with junior busker violinist Karolina Protsenko in two clips: a slower Somewhere Over The Rainbow highlighted by a mesmerized pooch towards the end of the clip, and a faster paced 90s hit Lambada. On a related note, young violinist Grace Clifford will be performing at this weekend's Titan at KLCC.

Backlane Cinema
Backlanes are particularly suited for street cinema being dark (away from street lighting), private (shielded by buildings), access controlled (only ingress end egress) and cosy (alfresco, narrow thoroughfare). There's one happening this Friday (7pm, June 14th) behind RexKL (Chinatown KL). The first edition of the cinema a couple of weeks back was full house, and the present edition is fully booked. Interested parties can perhaps try for standing room, no-show replacement, or they can attend the soft launch of RexKL (next door, same time).

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