Flying Together

Starlings Flying Together
Watch as starlings fly together in a murmuration in UK. Notes:
  • We used to see birds mass flying in the evenings returning to roost.
  • In the mornings, there would be a crescendo as they took off to forage.
  • After rains, we could hear insects chirp and frogs croak.
  • We don't see or hear them much now. Do take care of nature.

All Creatures Great and Small
On the note on nature, while MPO takes a summer interlude, Bentley steps up to the podium with two forthcoming shows, featuring performances like Praeludium and Allegro and Carnival of The Animals, and pianist Lyndsey Peng.
  • Link All Creatures Great and Small (next weekend)
  • Link Duo Recital for Violin and Piano (mid July)