Durian Snowball

Malaysian International Food and Beverage Trade Fair MIFB 2019 is happening Thursday to Saturday. Sample exhibitors [img]:
  • Bisgood - Durian Snowball Mochi
  • BabaBeng - Coconut Egg Jam
  • Kintry - Aromatic Palm Sugar Granola
  • Uinah - Sabah Ginger Beer (non-alcoholic shandy)
  • Sobaek - Red Ginseng Extract
  • Artin - Saffron Ice Cream

Latest FoodTech Startups
  • FlavorWiki - Quantify 'delicious' (flavor, texture, aroma, chew etc)
  • ImpactVision - Take a pic of an avocado and get how many days old it is
  • Apeel - Coat fruits with an extra layer of natural skin for extra freshness
  • OceanHugger - Plant-based tuna
  • Foodini - 3-D food printer
  • Ycook - Precooked food that is not canned
  • Dixie - Cannabis coated snacks [like poppy seed sprinkle?]

Pick of Events (W2-Jul-2019)

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Link Women Coffee @ KL
Link Women Javascript @ KL
Link Ecommerce Risks @ KL
Link Future of Work @ KL
Link Genetic Health @ KL
Link Firebase Pizzas @ KL
Link Digitalpreneurs @ KL
Link Flunk Tales @ KL
Link Sustainable Cities @ CJ tix
Link Digital Animation @ KC
Link Let's Go Global @ PG tix
Link Taiwan Expo @ PG

Link MY-CN Animation @ KL tix
Link Artistic Boundaries @ KL tix
Link Classical Grandeur @ KL
Link Borneo Weekend @ KL tix
Link Busker Competition @ KC
Link Writing Storytelling @ PG tix

Around The Region
Link Digital Aviation @ SG
Link Deep Tech Talent @ SG
Link Neural Linear Bandit @ SG
Link Shopaholic Thinking @ SG
Link AI Quantum Leaders @ SG
Link Data Scientists Meet @ SG
Link Reimagining Banking @ SG
Link Product Management @ JKT
Link Investor Due Diligence @ JKT
Link One Day Accelerator @ HK
Link Banking Core Data @ BKK tix
Link GraphQL Meetup @ BKK
Link Mobile Journalism @ BKK

Food & Beverage
Link Kiosk to Chain @ KL tix
Link Future Restaurant @ KL
Link Future Food @ KL
Link Airline Catering @ KL
Link Durian Festival @ KL also
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