Drone Intersection

In the news: Boeing Insitu ScanEagle

Drone Intersection
Armed with a hunting rifle, a human can fend off a tiger or elephant (eg. by firing into the air to scare off the animal). But against a swarm of bees, the rifle would be of little use. In an age of 'Weaponization of Everything' (WoE), drone swarms are an emerging field of interest  [1 2] in an intersection of:
  • Remote sensing - Macro view of the landscape
  • Computer vision - Micro view of objects
  • Artificial intelligence - Semi or full autonomous operation
  • Swarm intelligence - Working on a mission as a swarm
  • Advanced communications - Secure command, image streaming etc
  • IoT - A drone at rest can be a self-installed IoT device
  • Navigation - Maptech, satellites, day-night, all weather, all terrain
  • DroneTech - Flight, chips, motors, batteries, miniaturization etc
Catch up with the latest on drones at MyDroneX June 17th 2019 @ Cyberjaya.

Capital Coworking
True Digital Park, a startup, tech and entrepreneurs campus located at Punnawithi, Bangkok, is hosting a free coworking week from June 10 to 14, 2019 [tix] with the following VCs present on campus:
  • OpenSpace - Early stage tech
  • 500 - Find and empower founders
  • Siri - Property vertical
  • DV - Fintech arm of SCB bank 1
  • Expara - In SEA since 2003
  • PTT - Energy, digital and robotics
  • MonksHill - Entrepreneurs backing entrepreneurs
  • Gobi - Hypothesis-driven investing 2
  • Fuchsia - Venture arm of MTL insurance
  • TrueIncube - Venture arm of True telco 3
  • Amadeus - Travel ecosystem
  • Beacon - Venture arm of Kasikornbank 4
  • Singha - Fast moving consumer goods vid

Pick of Events (W3-Jun-2019) KL=GreaterKL

Tech Week sample
Link MY Tech Week @ KL
Link Global Ecommerce @ KL
Link Taqwa Tech Pitch @ KL tix
Link Asean VC Pitch @ KL
Link Smart City Pitch @ KL
Link Fintech Pitch @ KL
Link Fintech Week @ KL via
Link Fintech Shariah @ KL
Link Fintech Security @ KL
Link Digital Regulation @ KL
Link Asean-CN Synergy @ KL 1 2 3
Link Ecommece Landscape @ KL tix

Link UOB Accelerator @ KL
Link WTF Accelerator @ CJ
Link Sustainable Hackathon @ CJ
Link Digital Supply Chain @ KL
Link IoT Co-Creation @ KL
Link AML Regulations @ KL
Link Google Cloud Next @ KL
Link AI vs HR @ KL tix
Link BizStart @ KK tix

Arts Design Architecture
Link Architecture Conf @ KL tix
Link Urban Conservation @ KL
Link Trad Architecture @ KL
Link Sufi Architecture @ KL
Link French Music Day @ KL
Link Zero Waste Fest @ KL
Link Sea Blue Sunday @ KL
Link Travel Blogging @ KL
Link UXUI Strategy @ KL
Link UXUI Mini Summit @ KL tix

Around The Region
Link Blockchain Hackathon @ SG
Link People Culture @ SG tix
Link Story Telling Fest @ SG
Link Crypto vs Fiat @ SG
Link CTO Meetup @ JKT
Link Fintech Hackathon @ HK
Link Ecommerce Growth @ HK
Link Manufacturing Expo @ BKK