Design Sprint

Facebook rolled out the basics of Libra in a little over a year starting from last May. Speed is of the essence not only as a competitive advantage but also to combat inertia and entropy. One way Silicon Valley speeds up rollouts is to use Design Sprints to arrive at validated prototypes in 5 steps over 5 days. Design Sprint 2.0 cuts the sprint down to 4 days and requires members for only 2 of the 4 days [rolling participation]. Level up on Design Sprint 2.0 this weekend with Nur Aina Azmi @ IPSMART 2019 [tix].

Pick of Events (W1-Jul-2019)

Link Boost x TnG x Grab @ KL tix
Link Romancing The Net @ KL tix
Link IR4 for Accountants @ KL tix
Link Product Management @ KL
Link Digital Commerce @ KL
Link Angular Meetup @ KL
Link Smart Business @ KL
Link Term Sheets @ KL tix
Link Youth Startups @ KL tix
Link Data Security Laws @ KL
Link Parameter Tampering @ KL

Arts Humanities
Link Film Self Regulation @ KL tix
Link Christine Lagarde @ KL tix
Link Economic Framework @ KL tix
Link Pacific Climate Change @ KL
Link Grow Your Own Food @ KL
Link Architecture Discourse @ KL
Link Tukar Tangan Market @ KL
Link Kelam Kabut Market @ KL
Link Sunny Side Up Market @ KL
Link Showing Up @ KL vid

Link Exporting F&B @ NS tix
Link Data Insights @ PG tix
Link Taiwan Industry 4.0 @ PG
Link Creative Hackathon @ PG
Link Weekend Hackathon @ JB
Link Female Founders @ JB
Link Classical Music Fest @ JB
Link Academic Festival @ ST
Link Rainforest Festival @ KC
Link Primates R Us @ KC

Around The Region
Link Kudo x Bukalapak @ JKT
Link Tokopedia x Ovo @ JKT
Link Digital Business @ JKT
Link Cyber Security @ JKT
Link ML for Business @ JKT
Link Lean Enterprise @ JKT
Link Global Scaling @ SG tix
Link Mushroom Tech @ SG tix
Link Taiwan Startups @ SG tix
Link Czech Startups @ SG tix
Link Food Revolution @ HK
Link One Person Corp @ MNL
Link Deep Learning @ BKK
Link Intent Identification @ BKK
Link Project Alpha @ Asean