Food Delivery

Labour Day
In a previous post, we showcased Westlife's signature tune My Love. The music video opened with a scene of the group missing a flight and forced to walk (presumably to find another means to get home). This was probably working class cred from Westlife. Those, now or at some point in their life, who do not have their own ride, who missed the last bus, train, or were ever stranded in a place with no clear means of getting home will identify with the opening scene.

Westlife plays the working class theme again in the above cover of Uptown Girl. Despite slightly raunchy visuals, it's a clean, old-fashioned video (made circa 2001) with colourful hues reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell-ish early 60s and modern K-pop. The video is strangely contemporary with depictions of selfies and a mention of "we are slumming in a Facebook blog" which would actually be "we are slumming in a place called Blonde's". Facebook debuted in 2004.

Food Delivery
As the Labour Day holiday fell on Wednesday (right between weekends), and it was a hot day in KL, folks might have stayed home during lunch and tried food delivery. This was an ideal day to run a one-day food delivery promo but most campaigns that we came across ended in April.

But kudos to the food delivery riders who were working on a public holiday. Drivers in KL may have noticed a marked increase in food delivery riders since the beginning of the year with FoodPanda, GrabFood and HonestBee being the most prominent, and the occasional DahMakan riders and more rarely McD, Dominos and PizzaHut. Our (casual) research indicate FoodPanda is tops in KL, with GrabFood making gains and HonestBee soldiering on.

Random Notes
  • Gen-Z may be hanging out more online and less in eateries, and hence food delivery may be the thing for them.
  • [Gen-Z also seems to shun more grimy eateries like mamaks, road side joints and hawker spots but patronise modern cafes and branded venues (eg late night nasi lemak at a back lane in PJ). Thus, ambience and experience may be more important to them than taste (a subjective measure) or price.]
  • If the authorities implement road congestion charging, the food delivery business will gain.
  • Food delivery packaging is un-green (thick cardboard boxes, plastic containers, utensils and bags). It is possible food deliveries are doing all they can, and it is the packaging industry that is presently unable to provide green alternatives. Or it may require minimalist packaging (eg just bags of food) on the understanding the customer will provide the rest of the utensils.