Industrial Revolution

What is Industrial Revolution 4.0? The top two results from Google point to articles from Forbes and Wikipedia. If you find these heavy reading, here's a lightweight guide.

Rev Period Driver Products
0 1700s Humans Agriculture, Philosophy, Arts, Crafts
1 1800s Engines Locomotives, Ships, Bridges, Roads, Buildings
2 1900s Electricity Houses, Cars, Consumer Products, Mass Entertainment
3 2000s Computers Internet, Social Media, Gadgets, Global Supply Chain
3.5 2010s Connectivity Sharing Economy, Commoditization, Distributed Systems
4 2020s Robots Unknown (perhaps agile products from agile production)
5 2030s? Nature? Clean Air & Water, Greenomics, Sustainability?

  • IR0 This was 1700s and before (earlier: Iron Age, Bronze Age, Stone Age)
  • IR3 The advent of computers saw the addition of robotics to the factory floor and increasingly powerful design, simulation and control software.
  • IR3.5 (our take) Industrial production took a big conceptual leap from factory floor to gadgets via software and apps. For example, a car can potentially be transformed from a personal product into a shared commodity.
  • IR4 We lump Cloud, Big Data, IoT etc (the often mentioned components of IR4) into Robots. Just imagine a powerful robot which can sense via IoT, use the cloud, learn and does stuff. What stuff? We don't know, maybe like this.
  • IR5 Just exploring some possibilities looking ahead. A product example could be Beyond Meat, whose share price rose 163% upon its IPO on Thursday (2nd May 2019), the best performing stock debut since 2008.