Impossible Fish Ball

Impossible Fish Ball
Want to start your own 'impossible' yummytech? Combine the ingredients shown above, roll them into balls and there you have it. The tofu and potato flour provide bulk and food; gluten, chewiness; seaweed, taste of the sea; and spices, additional flavour.

Impossible Burger
Vege fish balls and equivalent have been around for a long time in the East, long before Impossible Burger. But it is Impossible Burger that came up with a compelling story, food science, manufacturing chops, precision R&D, venture money and savvy marketing that propelled Impossible Burger to mainstream chic:
  • Society moved from horse drawn carriages to motorised vehicles in just a few years. People wanted mobility, not horses per se. Similarly, Impossible Burger is working on nutrition, not meat vs vege per se.
  • Foodtech to get the best of meat and vege and mitigate the worst of both.
  • The meat market is huge, even taking a few percentage points off that market is a biggie.

Impossible Uses Cases
Other use cases for 'impossible fish ball' (or 'impossible burger')
  • Taste It is said that the 'impossible burger' taste better than the real burgers. Similarly, we have tasted (good quality) vege fish balls and they taste better (flavour, bounciness) than real fish balls. Reason: real fish balls are hard to make and not what they used to be, while vege fish balls have had the benefit of improvement with food tech.
  • Diversity It is good to have a diversity of food types. A properly produced vege fish ball would be a step below unprocessed food (straight from the garden or farm) but above processed food (instant ramen ('maggi mee'), hotdogs, chicken nuggets). Or if meat sources are unavailable due to ASF etc.
  • Conservation Fish stocks are in peril due to overfishing, ocean warming etc. If nations around the word managed to cobble together a moratorium on fishing (or if there is a collapse in fish stocks), seafood fans can make do with vege fish balls (or equivalent) while fisheries take a break. (Trawlers can be sent to clean up the oceans while sitting out the moratorium.)