Fintech & Agtech Startups

GFIN is a network of 35 financial regulators formed to foster collaboration in technology and business models. GFIN has created a global sandbox spanning 12 countries and has accepted the following startups into the sandbox:
  • AlphaPoint - Enterprise security token and exchange
  • Atlant - Real estate tokenisation
  • Coinvestion - Fractional property ownership
  • DACX - Digital asset and commodity exchange
  • Tradle - Blockchain-based eKYC
  • Onfido - Outsourced identification verification
  • Ascent - Crunches through regulations to tell you your obligations
  • Starling - Use analytics to monitor employees top image

A sample of agtech startups presenting at Future Food Asia happening 3-4 June @ SG:
  • Intello - Grade produce (eg veg) using phone cam & AI
  • Biotelliga - Natural pesticide from fungi
  • RapidAIM - IoT insect trap for pest monitoring
  • LiveCare - IoT monitor that is swallowed by cattle
  • WaveTalk - Quickly test water for microbes using lasers

Pick of Events (W1-Jun-2019)

Link Digital Banking @ KL
Link AI Camera Zoom @ KL
Link Asianrepreneur @ KL
Link AI Hackathon @ KL
Link Pro Design @ KL tix

Around The Region
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