DLT: The Next Wave

DLT projects are not only technically challenging (uniqueness, maths, economics, distributed architecture, security, speed), its adoption and usage are dependent on consortium or community building. Given this, here are some DLT projects which have been in the news recently for gaining traction with established organisations:

Pick of Events (W2-May-2019)

Link Measurability @ KL
Link Digital F&B @ KL tix
Link Embracing IoT @ KL tix
Link 2F Authentication @ KL
Link Ecomm Update @ KL also
Link Reducing Regulations @ KL
Link Multitasking Woman @ JB

Link Triple Orchestra @ KL vid
Link Senandung Express @ KL

Around The Region
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Link Quantum Economy @ SG
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Link Going Digital @ SG
Link Token Economy @ HK
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