Semiconductor Conference

SEMICON Southeast Asia 2019 [ May 7-9 @ MITEC, KL | prog | exhibitors | tix ] is an exposition for the electronics industry. SEMICON is an event of SEMI, the global industry association serving the manufacturing supply chains for the microelectronic, display and photovoltaic industries. Exhibitors include TokyoElectron, Elliance, Chroma, MARii, AlliedVision, Atomic, AgrHub and SodaVision. Hardware startups could be eligible for a free kiosk, apply here.

Topics sample
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots - Sesto
  • Industry 4.0 Open Platform - Vitrox
  • Flatveyor and Cableveyor - Tsubakimoto
  • Smartphone of The Future - TechSearch
  • Industrial IoT: Ready for AI - Intel
  • IoT Boon or Bane - PwC
  • AI Wars: Return of Hardware - McKinsey
  • Escaping Pilot Purgatory - McKinsey
  • Virtualizing the Substation - TNB
  • IoT for Water Utiltiies - Maynilad
  • Industrial & Logistics Clusters - UEM
  • Anchor Company Ecosystem (ACE) - EXIM

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