New Apple

Apple Card
Just wondering: how could Apple sign up a customer for its credit card in minutes? It could profile the applicant by rummaging through his or her iPhone but since this is against its stated privacy policy, instant sign-ups might just only be available for applicants with Apple Store and Apple Pay histories, and in certain locales.

At the same event where it unveiled the Apple Card, Apple also debuted Apple Arcade (pay one subscription, play many games across all gadgets), Apple News+ (news with an eye on high culture magazines) and Apple TV+ (Netflix challenger) [video above].

Other Wallets
Kudos to WeChatPay for pushing the envelope in the ewallet space (vending machines, mamak stalls, petrol stations). The vehicle plate recognition technology proposed for petrol stations could be applied to parking, automatic car wash & tolls (may work better with security plates). The vending machine model can be applied to self-service, physical micro-transactions (eg. tickets to a zoo). Anchors: WeChatPay (conversations), Alipay (products), Meituan (food | services).

Pick of Events (W2-Apr-2019)

Link 5G Cloud @ KL
Link Women in Tech @ KL
Link Green Couture @ KL
Link Halal Markets @ KL tix
Link Women in Retail @ KL
Link Exploring China @ KL
Link Python Movies @ KL

Link Readers World @ KL also
Link Untold Stories @ KL tix
Link Food Festival @ PG 1 2 3

Around The Region
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