Teh Tarik @ Hameediya

Neobank Challenger
Maybank's digital only bank challenger, Maybank Anywhere Everyone (MAE), invites the general public to sign up for an ewallet & Visa virtual debit card by simply using an app [ droid | iOS ] (max balance: MYR 5K | USD 1.2K). It isn't quite a neobank yet pending features like higher max balances, ATM withdrawals, option for physical card but these can be availed to by upgrading from MAE to Maybank (perhaps 'Maebank' will be self standing in the future).

Jom Teh Tarik ('let's go have a cuppa')
MAE is holding a 31% off promo at selected eateries for the month of April 2019. A check of participating outlets shows Hameediya Bistro Ampang [map, outside, inside] as one of two mamak offerings. The other is Southbay Nasi Kandar in Penang (versus WeChatPay's online ordering at Syed Bistro). The essential T&C: valid for 2 meals, max discount of MYR 20 per meal, one table one redemption, use of discount codes BOJIO for Hammediya and MAKAN for Southbay. Happy teh tarik ('partaking in frothy milk tea')!