YC | Zeroth

YC and Zeroth are holding their demo day(s) starting tomorrow [Mon, 18 Mar 2019] in SF & Tokyo respectively. A sample of startups:

YC Winter 2019 via YC has to-date listed 50 out of 200+ startups in this batch
  • InsideSherpa - Simulate working in top firms like KPMG
  • Cherry - Give e-perks to staff: Uber, Lyft, Netflix subscriptions etc
  • Bensen - Just say 'burger' to order burger, no swiping needed
  • Taali - Lotus seeds: the new health food
  • AuraVision - Retrofit footfall analytics into existing store cameras

Zeroth AI 2019 via batches 1-4
  • SpoonShot - Food taste AI: eg finding a link between Nutella & soy sauce
  • RumbleMonkey - Allow players to stake money in one-on-one e-sports
  • MikeLegal - Use AI to trawl through trade mark documents
  • Etymo - AI search engine [try typing 'machine learning']
  • Sharpsense - Use AI to analyse IoT data for critical events

Bonus 1: AI Startups 1 2 rise of the bots
  • JudeDeck - Create your own royalty-free music using AI
  • Phrasee - Generate marketing copy using AI
  • Distributed - Scale developer teams like you would scale cloud computing
  • Trax - Check supermarket shelves (stock outs etc) using computer vision vid
  • MindTrace - Use webcam to gauge emotion, eye movement, for mktg/ud

Bonus 2: AI Like
  • We tried searching for online demos of AI, but found none
  • Instead, we stumbled upon these AI-like programs
  • They (likely) use programmed logic, tables, tree search and/or look-ahead
  • But no self-learning as required for AI. Still, a bit of SNSFW fun:
  • Mitsuku - Chat bot chat via the box at the bottom right of the screen
  • GamesForTheBrain - Checkers click from and to positions, no dragging
  • Chess.com - Chess clean, modern UI

  • Our startup lists are largely pitched at technical people/industry insiders, the general public may not find them too interesting, given the terse descriptions.
  • To illustrate how there could be more to a short description, in YC's list above, InsideSherpa proposes freshies could gain the experience of working for, say, Elon Musk, without actually being hired by Elon Musk. It might also go towards realising Jack Ma's advice [2015] of 'when starting out, find a good boss to work for, as he/she will give you a good foundation for your career' on a scalable, virtual basis. This is a new perspective in graduate training.
  • Another example is Cherry which proposes Uber/Lyft subscriptions (among others) as perks. Thus, instead of giving staff a company car, an intermediate perk could be to give a ride subscription. This in turn hints at the possibility of a market-driven, non-coercive, tax-deductible, private sector lever (out of many possibilities) for e-mobility.