Validation & Acceleration

Have a business idea you wish to follow up on? 'Idea' here refers to concept plus method of execution. Like in selling lemonade (concept) and stand design, location, signage, lemonade/water/sweetener mix, how to attract attention, pricing, sourcing of lemons etc (method), You can jump straight in or you could go through a mentored process. These coming weeks, you can validate your ideas in person at KL, CJ or PG. After which or alternatively, proceed to acceleration: fintech | emergingtech | fintech.

Pick of Events (W4-Mar-2019)

Link Hustlerpreneurs @ KL tix
Link Blockchainpreneurs @ KL
Link Womenpreneurs @ KL
Link LinkedIn Meetup @ KL
Link SocMed Meetup @ KL
Link UX/UI/CX Design @ KL
Link Experian Journey @ KL
Link Stay Relevant @ PG tix

Link Poetry Supper Club @ KL
Link Art of Filmmaking @ KL tix
Link Tukar Tangan @ KL post image
Link Women's Day Party @ KL
Link Art & Cuisine @ KL
Link #MeToo Meetup @ KL
Link Hushed Reading @ KL
Link Furry Friendsters @ KL tix

Around The Region
Link Art Basel @ HK
Link Proptech Hack @ HK tix
Link Speed Dating @ TW tix
Link Future of Transport @ SG
Link Talend Databricks @ SG
Link Hungry Pomelo @ BKK
Link Vitamin or Painkiller @ JKT
Link Late Nite Fintech @ JKT tix