SXSW & HelloTomorrow

SXSW 2019 converges interactive, film and music [Mar 8-17 @ Austin]. Hello Tomorrow 2019 explores the future [March 14-15 @ Paris]. Sample pitching startups:

SXSW 2019 Pitch Finalists via
  • Boost - Microbiome: a social network of useful microbes
  • Lucidity - BusinessInsider and DigiDay award winner for AdTech vid
  • Stroly - DIY maps: map-based social media sample
  • Pilosa - Speedup access to massive datasets via a bitmap index
  • Obsess - Capture a physical store in VR, literal offline-to-online vid
  • Zibiro - Balance scale: balance as a health metric
  • LinkDyn - Robots that are highly touch sensitive, for delicate work
  • ObjectBox - Super-fast, object-orientated database for IoT & mobiles
  • CargoX - Cut bill of lading processing from 10 days to 20 seconds
  • Migo - All-one-one transport app: rides, bikes, cabs, rentals, transit

Hello Tomorrow 2019 Global Challenge Finalists via
  • SkyPull - Kite-drone hybrid to harness high attitude winds for power vid
  • Insightness - Efficient computer vision for smartglasses and robots vid
  • GreenBlu - Green desalination: energy efficient, zero brine pollution
  • Hionos - Use airline avionics to power drones: beyond line of sight flying etc
  • Simplicty - 3D bonding: make a shoe in 10 steps instead of 80
  • Ampaire - Retrofit airplanes with electric propulsion
  • Neetera - Use sub-terahertz radar to measure pulse, breathing remotely
  • NiveauUp - EV lithium-ion battery charging that is 10x faster
  • Open Cosmos - Space mission management software
  • Darwin - Use AI to build AI

Pick of Events (W2-Mar-2019) additions
For the 'Mobility Tech' event, try promocode MOBILEIND via

Link Movie Recommender @ KL
Link BioEntrepreneurship @ KL
Link Korea Startup Pitch @ KL tix
Link Mobility Tech @ KL tix also
Link Productive Teams @ KL
Link Freelancer Meetup @ KL
Link Digital Forensics @ KL
Link Exceptional CX @ KL
Link Snapchat CSO @ KL tix 
Link Magical Moment @ KL tix 
Link Starting from Zero @ CJ also 
Link Ecommerce for Women @ PG 

Link Grant Applications @ KL tix
Link Chocolate Tasting @ KL
Link World Poetry Day @ KL
Link Hemoglobin Call @ KL
Link Artists Meetup @ PG
Link Green Lunch @ SG
Link Urban Design @ SG
Link Film & TV Market @ HK

Around The Region
Link PropTech Redefines @ HK
Link Tree Compensation @ HK
Link CN-HK-MO Bay @ HK
Link Free Open Source @ SG
Link FoodTech Ecosystem @ SG
Link Tough as Nails @ BKK
Link Manage by Gamification @ JKT