Sparkling Songster

A song or piece of music may consist of the art, singer, melody, arrangement, content, beat, lyrics, backing, production, setting and audience. Plus dashes of oomph and verve. When all these come together just right, the song gains a special spark (vs standard commercial music which tends to focus on production as a tool of marketing).

After featuring two Indonesian YouTubers in our previous music post, next up is another compatriot of theirs, Fatin Majidi, in a cover of Mirai E. The spark: likely recorded using the selfie camera of a phone (hence the low-res and non-standard aspect ratio), the diction is clear, as is the audio recording and rendition.

Props to the enterprising youngsters from an unheralded part of the world (and the techies at YouTube) for bringing a bit of cheer to the world.