Friendster → MySpace → Facebook → [?]

[Image credit: Statista] Facebook's closest functional competitor, Google+, is closing down April 2nd 2019. Facebook itself is mulling pivoting towards messaging. Perhaps going back to the pre-Friendster days of IRC and ICQ, or towards the all-in-one WeChat.

Thus, there might be room for a new community space to be the successor of Friendster, MySpace and Facebook. Surprisingly, there seems to no challengers in the horizon, no startups taking on Facebook directly (though indirectly there are Whatsapp, Instagram (both fb properties), Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, WeChat, Weibo, QQ, TikTok, Reddit etc - plus a few startups listed at the bottom of this post).

User Experience
Facebook is a formidable player, with its capital, cashflow, reach, audience, infrastructure and patent portfolio. But its front-end could do with some improvements, if any budding startups are interested:
  • User Defined Newsfeed Tabs - one each for work, family, friends, news etc
  • No Algorithms - All posts are shown, like in Twitter, no algorithmic curation
  • User Controlled Muting - Eg. for this page, show me at most 3 posts a day
  • Free Posts Limit - After, say, 10 free posts a day, a page has to pay for more
  • No Silo - Admins/users may allow threads/content to be google searchable
  • Noted - A neutral reaction that is not like, love, haha, wow, sad or angry

  • Twitter - Thoughts
  • Instagram - Photos
  • Snapchat - Secret photos
  • LinkedIn - Work
  • Spotify - Music
  • Reddit - Discussion
  • Whatsapp - Messaging / chatting
  • Facebook - Community / news / outreach
  • YouTube - Creative / entertainment / learning
  • Email - Correspondence / notices
  • Internet - Information
  • Google - Search

Social Media Startups
  • Ello - Community of artists
  • MeWe - No ads, no data for sale
  • 23snaps - Your photos remain yours
  • Vero - No algorithms, no data mining
  • Gab - Zero censorship Twitter
  • Freindica - DIY social network
  • Openbook - Open source, ad free, no tracking
  • Nextdoor - Neighbourhood focused
  • FamilyWall - Family focused
  • Untappd - Beer focused could be nasilemak, laksa, thosai