Cat Concerto

The Cat Concerto
Sixteen years old Yannie Tan rolls with Tom and Jerry's The Cat Concerto, winner of the 1947 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. The piece being played, Hungarian Rhapsody No.2, opens this weekend's Sibelius concert. [Note: the music is slower paced than our usual highlights but the tempo picks up a third of the way in when Jerry, the mouse, makes his appearance.]

The Unanswered Question
On a more meditative note, in The Quest for a New World concert at month's end, the opening act is The Unanswered Question where the violins are said to represent serenity; the trumpet, questions; and flutes, answers. Have a watch at this short piece, for in it, perhaps the suggestion, at certain times and in certain matters, questions beget more questions, and ultimately the answer could be serenity.

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