Cabaret Spotlight

A feature of old school cabarets is the spotlight. As the venue lights are switched off and conversations peter out, there is a moment of darkness and silence before the spotlight comes on casting a disc of bright, white light on the performer as she (or he or they) makes her entrance. With all eyes and ears on the performer, she is 'naked' under the glare of the spotlight as every detail - the act, singing, dance, hair, makeup, dress, shoes, movement, expression - is brought to bear.

After two consecutive videos from Indonesia YouTubers, we shall make it a hat trick with a cover of Karna Su Sayang ('because of love') by Gen Halilintar. Credit for the creative use of cabaret lighting as the special effect and the multiple singers. [In the song, you may catch the word 'mati', the full verse is rasa ini tumbuh dan tak mati ('this feeling grows and never perishes').]