Urban Farm Startups

Startups in Urban Farming Want to grow your own vege at home but the garden space has been paved over for the car or you have only a balcony or small yard?. Yearn to grow your own food like how your forebears had done for thousands of years? Looking for a past time that does not involve squinting at a screen? The co-founder of everyday.com.my (folded into LivingSocial) might just have a solution for you [Thu, 14 Feb 2019, 11am-1pm @ KL tix].

FarmTech & AgriTech Startups 1 2
  • Gotham Greens - Fresh produce even in freezing winter post image
  • BrightFarms - Hydrophonic greenhouse in Series D
  • AeroFarm - Fast Company's Most Innovative
  • SkyGreens - Tropical rotating vertical farm img
  • Bowery -  Precision, post-organic farming, invested by Alphabet
  • Plenty - 350x faster than conventional agriculture, invested by Softbank
  • Plantagon - Agriculture + Architecture = Agritecture

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