Tricolour Startups

[Video: Chloe Stafler covers Tous les garçons et les filles (all the boys and girls)]. France had the biggest startup presence at the recently concluded CES 2019, even more than host country United States. France (315 startups), US (293), South Korea (107). Sample:

French Startups
  • LoftOrbital - Space satellites as a service: regular launches & all payloads
  • NeuralCat - Bot that teaches other bots conversation (vs human made data)
  • Qonto - Neobank for SMEs that gets back to you in 15 minutes or less
  • Shadow - After servers, place the PC in the cloud: portable, pay as you use
  • LiFiMax - Light based WiFi: faster, no leakage to neighbours, no EM pollution
  • UrbanCanopee - Instant, green, mini-forests for the concrete jungle
  • Hari&Co - Chickpea burgers, red bean burgers, green lentil meatballs
  • Metronaut - For musicians, the accompanying orchestra is an app