Tokenized Visa

Mobile World Congress is the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry, and incorporates a thought-leadership conference featuring prominent executives representing global mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, and content owners. [25-28 Feb, 2019 @ ES site]. Sample:

Conference topics
  • eSIM: soon in phones, wearables, IoTs, computers - GSMA
  • Blockchain SIM: sign and encrypt IoT data at source - Ubirch
  • Tokenization: machine-to-machine commerce - Visa post title
  • The Great Enabler: connectivity - SmartDubai, IOC, Huawei
  • Traditional watch brands: digital payments trend setter - Timex
  • Digital evolution of wearable payments - Tappy | vid
  • Building a global mobile bank - N26 | vid | vid

Mobile Awards Nominees
  • Unicom - A telco takes on the scammers
  • Night Sight - Google's night vision phone
  • ABBYY - Smartphone document scanning and OCR
  • BleeWatch - Smartwatch for the deaf (eg buzz on fire alarm)
  • CarFit - Diagnose health of a vehicle from vibrations (from engine etc)

  • Finally, a telco steps forward to take on phone scammers.
  • The rest seem to be just gadgets but if you look closely, they are all sense (sight, hearing, touch) multipliers. Future possibilities.

Pick of Events (W3-Feb-2019)

Link Tech Venture Capital @ KL info
Link Transcendent Fintech @ KL tix
Link Microsoft x Google @ KL
Link Startup Financing @ KL tix
Link The Gig Economy @ KL tix
Link Tiger Lair Pitching @ KL
Link Navarro vs Merkel @ KC info
Link Hargapedia Satellite @ PJ tix

Link False Results from False Data @ KL
Link Make Data Sing @ KL tix
Link Data Experiments @ JKT

Link Saloma & Ramlee @ KL vid
Link Sally & Harry @ SG
Link Michelin Street Food @ SG tix