Photonic Computing

The post title refers to Lightmatter's photonic computing [the use of light instead of electricity for computing, like the use of optical fibre instead of copper wire for data transmission] while the video [no longer available, replaced by a corporate video] shows an Endeavour Robotics police robot taking on a K9. Lightmatter and Endeavour are among our pick of startups from Boston and Tokyo:

  • Lightmatter - Photonic computing because silicon is down to 10 atoms
  • Endeavour - After swords & guns, next are robots (and drones) at the front
  • Inrupt - Tim Berners-Lee's new web to replace the siloed, data slurping one
  • PA - Avoid jerky autonomous drive caused by unpredictable pedestrians
  • Dust Identity - Security tag items by sprinkling them with nano diamonds
  • Lendbuzz - Second chance for borrowers turned away by banks
  • Gradifi - Help your staff pay his/her study loan as a perk

  • Ozon - Smart ring that does gesture input, alerts, e-keys and e-wallet
  • Aeronext - Radical new drone design that is vertical and gravity oriented
  • BaseTrack - Russian self-driving that is much simpler, uses virtual tracks
  • Pireco - Iris recognition for animals, like thumbprints for humans
  • Mui - Display that looks like natural wood vs the standard black panel
  • EnviRate - Rate the environment instead of restaurants, eco mapping
  • GPU Eater - Cloud that runs on GPUs instead of CPUs, for faster ML