Pedestrian Boulevards

Kuala Lumpur City Hall has proposed a conversion of a busy street in downtown Kuala Lumpur into a pedestrianised, car-free one. Here are some examples of pedestrian boulevards from around the world.

Alfresco dining in a courtyard @ Carnaby Street, London photo

Leafy, meandering boulevard @ Queen Street Mall, Brisbane. photo

Clean, no-kerb design (minimal road is still needed for fire engines etc) @ Cat Street, Tokyo photo

Neon, nightlife destination @ Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong photo

Coffee conversations under the shade of palm trees @ Lincoln Road, Miami photo

Random Notes

  • Based on US experience, for greater chances of success, a pedestrianised street should be managed like a mall: good store/tenant mix, non-gentrification, marketing & promotion, ample parking and/or connectivity, street-level vibrancy, regular upgrades etc.
  • Petaling Street (Chinatown) is already pedestrianised but it is perhaps a case study of what not to do: a maze of booths selling touristy kitsch while its original, old-school shops fade away. Jalan Alor, another candidate for pedestrianisation is already self-pedestrianised, by new, tourist focused eateries while its older, local street food moves into the background.
  • On the other hand, pedestrianisation may provide opportunities for new businesses: new retail, micro mobility (e-scooters, e-trishaws etc), food carts (vs food trucks), portable food, local products, retail and activity incubators, pop-up stores, street art and events.