Patent Competition

IPHatch™ invites companies and startups to a competition to commercialise a slate of 10+ patents. A briefing will be held this Thursday, 28-Feb-2019, 4pm-5:30pm @ HK [ site slow | tix | via ]. Among the patents are:
  • US8682608 - Camera that recognises behaviour
  • US8204747 - Camera that recognises emotion
  • US9235268 - Multiple smartphones, one workspace image
  • US8477035 - Wearable heartbeat monitor with central monitoring
  • US9954927 - In a giant screen, allocate each window to one user
  • US8180176 - Un-tilt an tilted image captured by a wearable, drone etc
  • US9204050 - Superimpose real-time information on images

Pick of Events (W4+Feb-2019) also

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Around The Region
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Bonus: Asean Ricebowl 2019 Winners via sample
  • ID TaniHub - Best foodtech/agriculture
  • MY MTEP - Best ecosystem initiative
  • PH Revolution - Startup of The Year
  • SG UnificationEngine - Best IoT
  • TH AIS - Best accelerator or incubator see below
  • VN Abivin - Best logistics or supply chain

Bonus: AIS Startups sample
  • FourLeaf - Digital menu, ordering, kitchen and payment system
  • FoodStory - Ditto, plus food trucks and deliveries
  • Digio - Mobile ID card reader for transactions that need verification
  • InfoFed360 - VR viewer that is integrated with Google Street View 1 2 3
  • Bento - Thai Shopify that includes chatbot and fulfilment
  • Pastelapps - Soften, round and pastelize the standard, stark smartphone UI