Alita: Security Angel

ISC-WG Findings Report Launch A better data security is to have no user data, thus nothing to be pilfered, hacked or misused. But if data is collected, security is essential. MDEC, together with LGMS, CSM and AsiaCyberX, and after discussions with CISOs, CTOs and CIOs, is hosting an event to launch a cybersecurity report with findings on:
  • Challenges
  • Use cases
  • Best practices
  • Solutions
The launch is followed by a viewing of cyberpunk action film Alita: Battle Angel. [Fri, 22 Feb 2019, 3pm-8:30pm @ Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya | tix | movie | also]

Pick of Events (W4-Feb-2019)
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Link Deep Learning @ KL
Link Startup Showcase @ KL
Link Corporate Coffee @ KL
Link Entrepreneurs Day @ KL tix
Link Digital Industrial @ KL tix
Link Ewallet Buzz @ KL
Link Energy Chat @ KL info
Link Founderpreneurs @ KL
Link Economic Outlook @ KL
Link Blogger Taxation @ KL
Link Doing Good Index @ KL
Link Logistics Fulfilment @ KL tix
Link LeapSprint Incubator @ PG
Link How to Be A Designer @ PG
Link Unifi SME Biznet @ IP

Link Food Reviews Reviewed @ KL
Link How to Get Sponsorship @ KL
Link Politically Incorrect @ KL
Link Called To The Bar @ KL
Link Indoor Drifting @ KL
Link Boisterous Brahms @ PG vid
Link India Arts Festival @ HK
Around The Region
Link Future of Work @ SG
Link Angel Investing @ SG
Link Learning Festival @ SG
Link SG-SE Innovation @ SG
Link Chief Data Officer @ SG
Link WeWork Friday @ SG
Link Fitness Social @ SG
Link Startup Kickoff @ TP

Link Media Incubator @ JKT
Link Payments Meetup @ JKT
Link Fintech Meetup @ JKT
Link CTO Meetup @ JKT
Link Strategic Design @ JKT
Link Start Upgrade @ JKT
Link Kudo Nodeflux @ JKT
Link Founders Valley @ JKT
Link Nero Atelier @ JKT
Link Agile GoJek @ JKT
Link Trilogy Tech @ JKT info
Link Dine In or Out @ JKT
Link New Wave Banking @ JKT
Link Craft Branding @ JKT