Possible Burger

Best of CES 2019 1 2 3 4 as adjudged by tech media and CES
  • Impossible Burger 2.0 - The vege burger that won CES 1 2 post title
  • Vive Pro Eye - Gaming using your eyes only post image [1]
  • Valeo Voyager - Ride a car without being in the car [2]
  • Lime Gen 3 - eScooter with smart display (eg. do not park here)
  • Space Monitor - Display monitor that slides away when not in use
  • R-PUR Nano - Anti-pollution mask for bikers and runners
  • Nreal Light - VR glasses that look like normal glasses
  • Leica BLK3D - Measure by just taking a picture (vs measuring tape)
  • Zümi - Learn AI, deep learning and self-driving using a miniature car
  • Wizama - Digital version of board games [3]
  • Mopic Snap3D - Turn a smartphone 3D by adding a screen protector
  • Samsung Wall - Wall-sized µLED display 1

[1] Computer input via eyes instead of hands, replaces the mouse and gamepad [2] Possible applications may include remote monitoring, guidance, driving and shared experiences [3] Enables face-to-face social interaction by having players sit around a board compared to a more detached e-gaming experience.