First Responder

[People & Places] Watch as a Milwaukee bus driver rescues a wandering toddler. According to the bus operator MCTS, this is the ninth child rescued by its bus drivers in recent years.

Milwaukee is home to:

Notes on the video:
  • As seen from the camera angles, the bus is fitted with at least 7 cameras. A comparable system from Seon features 16 cameras which can be upgraded for use in collision avoidance.
  • The fare box at the entrance to the bus looks mid tech: MCTS accepts cash, cashcard, app and passes. All rides are priced at a fixed $2 (plus a 25 cent surcharge for cash payment), thus avoiding the need to buy the correct ticket for the journey length or to tap a machine on exit for cashcard or app.
  • The bus app, which has routing, tracking and ticketing functions, does not use NFC or QR-codes, the e-ticket is verified via visual inspection by the bus driver [there are ways to make the e-ticket difficult to forge eg. random colours on different routes, days or hours, animation etc.].
  • The first responders were the bus driver, the passenger who volunteered her jacket and the police officer who took over the toddler from the bus driver. Technically, the first responder was the police officer because only she would likely have been specifically trained for emergency response.
  • Just in: be a responder: Termeloh hospital is running low on blood stocks.