Startups 2018

WrapUp 2018: The in-tray for startups is packed, here are some random picks:

Startups 2018 varied sources
  • Attn: - News as informative entertainment 1st video (below)
  • Peleton - Truck platooning for safety & efficiency 2nd video
  • Leia - Holograms from barely visible fog info
  • T-Pod - World's first live autonomous, electric truck info
  • CarbiCrete - Replace cement with steel slag + CO2 why

ArchiTech 2018 via
  • PlayDesignHotel - Incubator, design space and hotel
  • HyperLoopHotel - The train as the hotel (sleep: NY, wakeup: LA)
  • SnoozeBox - Instant pop-up hotel (using containers)
  • ZokuAmsterdam - Hybrid hotel with built in office space
  • Aprilli - Door-to-door mobile hotel: skip the taxis, queues, check-ins

Bonus: Rice Bowl 2018 via webpage has link issues
  • WeFit - A fresh look at ClassPass
  • Algaeba - Microalgae feed for aquafarming
  • 11tune - Music composition on demand
  • Morakot - Core banking for micro banks
  • Eunoia - Digital F&B: pantries to foodcourts

Pick of Events (W3-Dec-2018)
Link Algorithmic Crowdsource @ KL
Link Battersea Power Station @ KL
Link TusStar Enterpreneurship @ KL
Link Decentralised Mastermind @ KL
Link Women Entrepreneurs @ KL tix
Link Local Brands Festival @ KL tix
Link Stories of Service @ KL tix
Link What We Read in 2018 @ KL
Link Adieu 2018 Hackathon @ KL
Link Startup 2019 Outlook @ JKT tix
Link City Map Visualisation @ SG
Link Security Token Offering @ SG

Season 2 Trailer
Zooey Deschanel and The Farm Project are back to show us where our food really comes from.
Posted by Your Food's Roots on Monday, September 24, 2018

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