Random 2018

That's it for our Wrap Up 2018 series. There were two more sections: DLT 2018 and Green 2018; the first was too meh and the second will be left for another occasion. To conclude, we have two 'random' items. The first is the video above of a pianist who, for an hour, took random requests from twitch fans to play snippets of any song, and could recall over 200+ songs from memory. The second is some random rambling below.

Random Notes on previous posts

Won't EVs simply transfer pollution to power plants? 
  • Petrol engines 25% efficient, coal 30% , newer coal 40%, gas turbines 60%.
  • If a coal plant is upgraded to solar, EVs are automatically upgraded to solar.
  • Legacy vehicles discharge at closer range, eg. near residences.

Is Tik Tok decadent and rave parties hedonistic? calendata is family friendly
  • Tik Tok: kids having fun with amateur art.
  • Rave parties: were giant networking events.
  • Wholesome or not depends on the event and organiser.

Why Ewallets?

Why Cash?
  • Need to cater for the people who do not have ewallets.
  • Cash is a fall-back for ewallets (during network/power down, server crash).
  • Cashless Sweden is forcing the retention of cash use, for national security.

Ewallet Use Cases
  • Cash-free day once a month 
  • Cash-free foodcourt + e-ordering (sit, order, buzzed to collect food).
  • Hygienic, save on cashier, foodcourt must be popular beforehand.