Modern Navidad

For 2018's Christmas video, the pick goes to a TikTok style rendition of Feliz Navidad [update: the video has been withdrawn by the publisher, showing video (3) instead]. Honourable mentions: 1) a journey back in time: a spark from a gift 2) an orchestra backed It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas 3) a rock cover of Feliz Navidad.

Pick of Events
That's it for us for 2018. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Link Photo Editing @ KL
Link Wahdah Data @ KL tix 
Link Aminaton Marto @ KL
Link Collectors Market @ KL
Link Coffee & Dessert @ KL
Link YouNified YouTide @ KL
Link Webcomics Primer @ KL
Link A Wonderful Life @ KL
Link Music Meetup @ KL
Link Literary Social @ KL
Link TravelTech Pitch @ CJ
Link Coworking Party @ PG
Link Medini Tech @ JB

Link New Year Party @ KL
Link Mega Free Trade @ KL
Link Music Composition @ KC
Link Dating Challenges @ KK
Link Genetic Algorithms @ SG
Link Quantum Computing @ SG
Link Neural Recommender @ SG

Some left over snippets from previous posts:

Why Credit Card?
  • Established, widely accepted
  • Provides credit (can be good or bad)
  • Provides payment disputes, chargebacks, premium options

Why Debit Card?
  • Lower barrier to entry compared to credit card
  • Spending limited to account balance
  • Contactless capable (like credit card)

Why Cash Card? eg. TnG in MY, NETS in SG, Octopus in HK
  • Offline payment possible
  • Very low barrier to entry (just buy a card)
  • Can be anonymous, closest to cash

Why App-Based Ewallets?
  • Most flexible (due to being software based) fb
  • Has firewall (must top-up, good for noobs)
  • Many more features possible eg. Flux

Pick of CES 2019 Vehicle Technology via
  • ActLight - Low light vision that does not require amplification
  • Baraja - LIDAR that scan using a spectrum of colours
  • Boyo - License plate camera (for better vantage of the road and obstacles)
  • Guardian - Sensor for what's happening in the car: driver, infants, intruders
  • MetaMoto - Test vehicle virtually before testing on the road.
  • UVeye - X-ray like vehicle scanning for fleet management, car inspections etc

Pick of CES 2019 Other Technology
  • KeyInfuser - Robot UX/UI tester than can do swipes, taps etc
  • AntiLatency - Make gaming physical beyond the desktop
  • AfterShokz - Open earphone: hear the music & what's happening around you
  • Plott - Interior design using VR/AR (will this cupboard fit there?)
  • PiQube - Enterprise grade Raspberry Pi
  • Orqa - FPV (first person viewer) googles for drones (as if you are flying)