Green Startups

Aircon Challenge
As the climate gets warmer, more aircons will be used (more often and at higher temperature differentials). As more aircons are used, more fossil-based power will be required, which in turn makes the climate warmer. To forestall this self-reinforcing, vicious cycle, Richard Branson and the government of India are offering a bounty of USD 3 million for an aircon design that 1) uses one fifth the energy and refigerant 2) is no more than twice the cost. [ site | criteria ]

Green Startups 1 2
These startups address the Aircon Challenge in an indirect way (and are thus ineligible to enter the competition which is specific to the aircon unit):
  • Elevate - Buildings built like shady trees rather than greenhouse boxes
  • BeeBryte - Manage electricity use by the suburb (vs by the house/aircon)
  • Choose - Allow consumers to choose between green and fossil-based energy
  • Physee - Solar panel glass windows (useful for gleaming, glass towers)
  • Biocarbon - Plant trees (eg reforest) using drones 10x faster than humans
  • Tado - Software optimisation of aircons (max improvement: 40%)
  • FirstLight - The race for fusion energy (clean, safe, limitless)

Traditional Architecture
Traditional Malay houses are airy and cool without air conditioning. Among the reasons are the use of wood (does not store heat to be released at night unlike concrete) and triple ventilation as shown in the image above.

Vertical Farming
Do you have the passion for Aquaponics / Hydroponics? Are you looking for a position where you can make an impact in Sustainable Urban Farming? The developer of 1Powerhouse is currently setting up a 16-storey Aquaponics Vertical Farm @ 1Powerhouse Bandar Utama to produce 100,000 fishes and 55,000 vegetables showcasing the Future of Vertical Farming! To apply, email your resume and work experience details to! [ poster ]

Pick of Events (W2+Dec-2018)

Link AdobeXD UI/UX @ KL vid
Link Cloud for SMEs @ KL
Link IoT Motion Detection @ KL also
Link The Halal Market @ KL tix
Link The Leverage Game @ PG
Link Digital Marketing @ KC

Link Midnight Book Market @ KL
Link Perempuan: Our Stories @ KL
Link Different Ability ArtFest @ KL
Link Crowdfund Concert @ KL vid
Link Poets Curtain Call @ KL 1 2
Link Indie Film Festival @ IP tix

Around The Region
Link Building an IoT Data Estate @ SG
Link Just-in-Time Doctor Visits @ SG
Link Go-Jek Data Visualisation @ JKT
Link Capture Young Customers @ JKT
Link The Tea Ceremony @ HK
Link AI Bootcamp @ hk id ph sg tw


Beyond Cryptocurrency [Thur, 6-Dec-2018, 9am-5pm @ KL tix] brings together leading organisations, thought leaders and scientists from to discuss how blockchain is changing society . Topics (abbreviated topic titles, speaker names, job titles):
  • Growth Potential - Raja Kumar, Head of Research, Taylor's
  • Use Cases - Amarjit Singh, Country Head, PLMP Fintech
  • The Right Solution? - Maslan Mat Isa, Analyst, BTM Blockchain
  • Engaging a Project - Lee Yu Kit, Architect, IBM
  • Accelerating Depolyment - Bernard Lee, Consultant, Oracle
  • Hyperledger Fabric - Ahmad Zuhairi Ismail, Engineer, MIMOS
  • Intelligent Trade Finance - Ronald Fons, Financial Head, Huawei

Experiencing Industry 4.0 [Thur, 6-Dec-2018, 8:30am-1pm @ Cyberjaya tix]. Topics:
  • Cost Effective IoT for Manufacturing - MyIoTA
  • Energy Savings using AI & IoT - iCEE
  • Digital Transformation with Drones - SG Education
  • AR for Smart Manufacturing - MIMOS
  • Digital Twin & Industry 4.0 - Altair
  • Optimizing Manufacturing Processes - Tekmark
  • Industry 4.0 Trends & Events - Messe