2019: Maunder Minimum

Maunder Minimum
The number of sunspots observable on the sun's surface waxes and wanes in an approximate 11 year cycle as shown in the graph above. Also seen in the graph: the peaks are getting lower, which could be a sign of a coming mini ice age, similar to one that occurred from 1600s to mid 1700s known as the Maunder Minimum.

No Global Warming?
The jury is still out what will happen when global warming meets solar cooling. But it is unlikely humans are off the hook and can continue pumping out CO2 unabated because, in addition to atmospheric heat trapping, CO2 causes ocean acidification, so we might chill but our marine friends might not.

Outlook 2019
[Whimsical] The keen eyed will notice the solar minimums coincide with economic dips. And, for those into folklore, next year will be a porcine year. That animal doesn't do much around the farm unlike the ox (traction), cat (tigger's cousin, rodent control), horse (mobility), sheep (wool), rooster (wake-up call) and dog (guard duty). A case of double jeopardy. Prescription: more elbow grease.