Zero Threshold

TechCrunch Shenzhen info tix
19-20 November 2018 @ SenzhenBay
  • Future of Wearables - Huami post image
  • The DaVinci Code of AI - Suning
  • Are You Ready for FlexPhone - Royole
  • How We Help Hardware Makers - Seeed
  • How Architecture Affects Productivity - WeWork

Guangzhou International Innovation Festival info tix
25-27 November 2018 @ GuangzhouLibrary
  • How Humans can Survive Robots - Amyx
  • Innovation Changes Life - Huawei
  • Design: The Epicentre of Products - Fung
  • Shrinking Lifecycle of Products - Centrance
  • Zero Threshold Open Platform - Tencent post title

Pick of Events {W2+Nov-2018)
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Link Firebase Summit @ KL tix
Link Ambank BizClub @ KL tix
Link IoT IR4 @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Unilever FMCG @ KL tix
Link Business Ethics @ KL
Link Brand Development @ KL
Link Onboard Customers @ KL tix
Link Green Conference @ PG tix
Link Blockchain eVoting @ KC

Around The Region
Link German-EU Market @ SG tix
Link NextGen Analytics @ SG
Link Elastic Confluent @ SG
Link Creative Jam @ SG
Link Startup Challenge @ HCMC tix