Tik Tok

Calendata lightly dissed TikTok in a recent post (questioning whether it is surface tech or deep tech and worth its huge valuation) but, having had a closer look at it this past week, we are impressed with its freshness and content.

The (kawaii-ish) video on the left is a mashup up of a student dancing to Despacito, two girls doing 'Learn to Meow', a popular meme in North Asia, and the delightful Wani Kayrie and friend (TikTok videos are typically 10-15 seconds in duration).

To attempt to understand why TikTok is getting attention, below is our rough comparison between TikTok and YouTube. [We are a fan of YouTube and embed many of its videos in this site.]

Comparison between TikTok and YouTube 22-Nov-2018
TikTok YouTube
Usage Self Expression Education, Information, Marketing, Entertainment, Mass Messaging
App Minimalist design which fully utilizes the screen (bezel-less) Clunky, crowded with suggestions of other videos
Special Effects Meme music (for lip or dance syncing), bunny ears, edgy shaky logo Overlay boxes that cover the video amd which can or cannot be dismissed
Content Spontaneous Scripted, targeted at upping views, likes and subscribers (amateur producers seem to be getting fewer)
Vibe Exuberant Business-like
Started 2016 2006
Valuation $75 billion $160 billion