Stock Exchange Demo Day

Demo Day at The Stock Exchange [Thu, 27 Nov 2018 @ HK tix]
13 startups [sample below] were picked for Brinc's autumn 2018 acceleration program. From 8 countries, the startups are in Hong Kong in November to work with Brinc, mentors and partners. Come and join the Demo Day at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
  • Enerdrone - No-stop charging network for drones using wireless power 
  • Popcom - Biometric blockchain kiosk for selling controlled items: cigs, meds
  • Eyedentify - Fit taxis and ride sharing vehicles with cams and panic buttons
  • Valkyrie - Tactile and physical force simulation in VR 
  • BRS - Commercial and industrial floor cleaning robots
  • Top - Use computer vision to target herbicide at the weed not the crop
  • eColi - Test water real-time on-the-spot vs waiting days for lab results
  • BuzzCloud - Smart beehives for commercial pollinators

Surface Tech vs Deep Tech  [Wed, 21 Nov 2018 @ SG tix]
[From the write-up, edited] In the past few decades, a slew of internet-based applications have brought easy money to investors. Why invest in new, tough-to-commercialise technology, when you can invest in Angry Birds [or Tik Tok?], which might give you ten times the returns after just a couple of years? We need to go back to investing in the unimaginable, in people who are working on breakthroughs that hold the potential to change the future.

Pick of Events (W3-Nov-2018)
1. December is looking rather quiet as usual. 2. The first two events returned by the bot for 2019 are AutoBiz and StartMeUp. 3. Since yesterday, 8 Nov 2018, the static images of embedded YouTube videos at Calendata and elsewhere seem to have gained an unsightly border, hopefully to be resolved soon [update: fixed!]. Videos still play as per normal when clicked.

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