Green Packaging

If you sort your thrash, you will notice a lot packaging is food packaging, from food wrappers to instant noodles (ramen) packets, to food delivery boxes and cutlery. This packaging is single-use and often plastic, which is harmful to the planet. Here are some old and new school alternatives.

Old School Green Packaging
  • Lemang - Savoury coconut glutinous rice  bamboo + leaves 
  • Ketupat - Steamed compressed rice cubes  woven palm leaves 
  • NasiLemak - Rich chilli paste rice  banana leaf + paper   
  • BakChang - Glutinous rice dumplings  bamboo leaves  
  • HorYipFan - Stuffed savoury meal basket  lotus leaves  
  • AisBolaSirap - Rose flavoured ice ball  no packaging, use hands 
  • RojakKeropok - Mini salad served on a prawn fritter  the fritter  [1]
  • Mobile Food - The vendor comes to your place  your own plates 
  • Banana Leaf - Used in many dishes as  packaging, sealant, lining  
  • Fresh Fruits - Comes with natural packaging:  skin, rind, husk 

New School Green Packaging
  • Biodegrable - Auto biodegrades (eg. in the ocean) but not compostable
  • Compostable - Can be mixed with food scraps, turned into compost
  • Tiffin Carrier - Reusable, food safe (needs modern engineering refresh)
  • Milk - Milk based film that is 250x more oxygen-proof than plastic
  • Avocado - Sustainable bioplastic businesss from avocado pits 
  • Cassava - Edible, soluble bag made from cassava (the turtle can eat it)
  • Seaweed - The sushi roller to the rescue 

Green Grant
  • MESTECC is calling for proposals [1 2 3] for turning oil plam residues into bioplastics. [We think that is the brief, read the sources for more info.]
  • Matching grants of up to MYR 5 million (USD 1.2 million) are on offer, open for application now.

[1] The image for the Rojak Keropok is a rough approximation. Imagine a smaller portion of the same salad shown in the image served with only a dab of sauce on top a flat fritter the size of a palm. As one eats the fritter, one consumes the salad (and the packaging, the fritter) as well. The ice cream on a cone, the sandwich, hamburger and hotdog use a similar concept. Read also: green packaging, bioplastics.