Ewa Bule

Watch [or click on the above image from Wau Tradisi] as Hamilton Children's Choir render a Dikir Barat performance of Ewa Bule (Kelantanese for Wau Bulan, Moon Kite, a traditional Malay kite). In addition to choral singing, Dikir Barat incorporates movement (not dancing) and hand percussion.

The choir was apparently coached by an Ipoh lass who started with acapella and jazz, tutoring at Damansara Jaya Secondary School, to obtaining her Masters and PhD, and now conductor with the Grand Philharmonic Youth Choir in Canada.
Calendata last featured choral singing in Kimi o Nosete and cultural exports in Gamelan Symphony (showcasing Cahaya Asri, Beautiful Light). There is a choral competition beginning tomorrow, 7th November 2018 @ KLPAC, not much information is available save for a poster (update: fb page here).