Co-Working Visit
Due some broadband glitches, Calendata dropped in at a low-key co-working space recently to get some stuff done. On both occasions there, we noticed the space was 50+% occupied. Based on rough calculations, we surmised it is profitable though not necessarily a wild money spinner. The space has been around a couple of years, its sustainability could be due to innovative pricing and packaging.

Co-Drinking & Co-Square
Co-drinking has been around longer than co-working. DrinkEntrepreneurs are having one this Thursday [8pm, 29-Nov-2018 @ CĂ©lavi, KL tix] with guests The Makeover Guys. At a pinch, one could also co-drink (and co-work) at the mamak. Or for something more upmarket, at The Square, which is set to launch mid-December with co-retail, co-farm, co-work (one floor pets ok, one not), artspace, restaurants, shops, academies, schools and gym. Teaser video here.

Co-Furry Friend
As mentioned above, The Square looks set to host the first pet-friendly co-working space in Malaysia. Elsewhere, similar spaces include 25D (Manila), GarageSociety (Hongkong), Hun (Taipei) and Wotso (Singapore). Mamak stalls are generally also pet-agnostic if not pet-friendly, and typically come with a resident feline or two, and the occasional visiting canine.

WeWork recently opened a space in Kuala Lumpur at Equatorial Plaza and is having its drinks meetup on Thursday too [7pm, 29-Nov-2018 tix] at The Gasket Alley, right across the road from The Square. A case of schedule congestion, or an opportunity for twice the tipple (or beverage) and double the networking.