Canon Remix

Electronic Music Composition with FL Studio [2pm-5pm, Sat, 8-Dec-2018 @ KL | MYR 105 | USD 25 tix] is a workshop for those interested in hands-on music composition and production. It is open to anyone who likes music and want to create their own songs.

Topics include
  • Music genres (eg. rock, metal, rap, hip-hop etc)
  • Chord progression (building blocks of a song)
  • Plugins (instruments eg. sax, piano, techno)
  • Basic sampling (music's copy-and-paste)
  • Effects (eg. reverb, compressor, noise-reduce)
  • Lyrics writing (words, verses, rhymes to accompany music)
  • Basic mastering (like typing up an essay)
  • Music presentation (like presenting an essay to class)

  • The software used in the class is FL Studio, an example video is shown above. Prices start at USD 99, a free demo version is available.
  • Though generally not listing training events, Calendata supports accessible classes like this which help novices make their first step, cross the threshold.
  • One use of FL Studio is for remixing of which a showcase is presented below, best played in sequence with good quality speakers or headphones and with the volume turned up a bit.

Pick of Events (W2-Dec-2018)
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Canon Remixes
Remix 1: climb up - relax

Remix 2: hitting it - may startle neigbhours and pets

Remix 3: climb down - dance

Bonus: putting it together