Soda Tax

Taxes are in focus at budget time. Some lesser known ones:

  • Digital Tax, also kown as Google tax and Amazon tax, is a tax on digital services purchased from foreign firms eg buying a Facebook ad.  If one engages a local advertising agency, that agency hires local staff, pays rental, salaries, taxes, suppliers, and the staff lunch at the local mamak, but payments to foreign digital firms do not confer such benefits to the local economy, hence the concept of a Digital Tax. [On the other hand, some of these digital firms do not charge for search, messaging, social media etc. Further pros and cons are beyond the scope of this note.]
  • Any 'TaxTech'? There is a radical proposal in the US for a FairTax system, which eliminates all taxes (income, corporate etc) and replaces them with a consumption tax of an initial, proposed 23% (with 'prebates' - proactive rebates - for the disadvantaged). This rate is adjusted each year depending on collection and spending. The tax is still being debated because, among other considerations, it is undecided whether it should be in the form of a Sales Tax or Value Added Tax (both are consumption taxes).

Pick of Events (W2-Nov-2018)

Budget Analysis
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