Cryptic Cats

Rakuten Technology Conference 2018 [Raku=Accessible Ten=Sky Rakuten=Optimistic] Join us and over 1500+ developers and entrepreneurs at the 12th annual Rakuten Technology Conference, back this year with the theme of Rakuten TECH x Startup TECH. [Sat, 27 Oct 2018 @ Tokyo site | tix]

  • Crypto Kitties - Marty Bell, Rakuten Blockchain Lab post title (sorta)
  • A New Architecture for The Intelligent Edge - Simon Crosby,
  • Why We Fail in Innovation - Jonas Svensson, United Nations
  • Walking Towards Challenging Dreams - Masayo Takahashi, RkenCDB
  • A Serial Entrepreneur Journey in AI - Miku Hirano, Cinnamon
  • Security and Safety in Modern Vehicles - Yuichi Kuramoto, WhiteMotion
  • Enterprise Blockchains - Gideon Greenspan, CoinSciences
  • Generative Adversarial Networks info - Vijay Daultani, Rakuten 
  • Distrubuted Fraud Prevention - Yury Leonychew, Rakuten
  • Semantic Word Extraction using Phonology - Ohmmar Htun, Rakuten

  • CryptoKitties is a blockchain-based game that uses Ethereum to transact the buying, selling and breeding of virtual cats. The breeding portion includes DNA-like info such as parents, characteristics and 'mew-tations'. Like real cats, CryptoKitties are non-fungible, ie your Siamese is not directly exchangable with the neighbour's Persian. Compare this to a fungible token like the US dollar where each note looks the same (except for the serial number), has the same value and is exchangable.
  • On the theme of pets, a local (property) developer is proposing the issue of a 'horse currency'. This might be an asset tokenisation of the developer's properties. Asset tokens are similar in function to shares but could be more liquid and flexible (regulatory oversight permitting). For example, renters can be rewarded with a step ladder system of tokens - the longer the rental, the more payments go towards asset tokens and asset ownership. Tokenisation is covered in a forthcoming talk, see the listings below.

Pick of Events (W4+Oct-2018)

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Link SME Solutions @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Bracing for IR4 @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Net Zero Energy @ KL also fund
Link Plastic Industry @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Pink Economy @ KualaLumpur
Link Digital Wealth @ KualaLumpur
Link Marketing Data Warehouse @ KL
Link Road to Batam @ KL tix info
Link Youth Summit @ KL tix also img
Link Unplugged Poetry @ KualaLumpur

Distributed Ledger
Link Hashgraph & HyperLedger @ KL also
Link Business Tokenisation @ KL
Link Blockchain Pitch @ Cyberjaya
Link Setup an ICO in 20 Mins @ CJ
Link Blockchain Meetup @ Cyberjaya
Link Corda R3 Meetup @ Singapore

Link Regulations @ KualaLumpur
Link SST Planning @ KualaLumpur
Link Start Selling @ KualaLumpur alt also
Link Tri-Lingual @ KualaLumpur tix site
Link Coworkers @ KualaLumpir tix
Link Terbongkar @ Penang tix
Link PayPal One Click @ Singapore
Link PayPal Showcase @ Singapore

Around The Region
Link Post-Truth Marketing @ Singapore
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Link Taiwan Demo Day @ HongKong
Link ABC AI-Bigdata-Cloud @ HongKong