Food in 2050

2050 China Food Tech Summit is a first mover gathering devoted to food innovation investment. This is a unique and urgent opportunity for those hoping to bring radically new ideas to address food security, safety, and nutrition. If you are an investor, food company, or startup, don’t miss the 2050 China Food Tech Summit [26 Sep 2018 @ PwC Innovation Centre, Shanghai, USD 300].

Topics sample topics & presenters
  • China to Cut Meat Consumption by 50% - Taly Nechushtan, InnovoPro
  • Gene Editing for Agriculture​ - Gilad Gershon, Tropic Biosciences
  • AgriTech Innovations - Vincent Martin, FAO
  • Cellular Meat - Yaakov Nahmias, Future Meat
  • Decentralizing Food Supply Chains - Branimir Rakic, OriginTrail
  • Food Safety Matters - Kitty Wang, Pepsico
  • The Role of Investors in the Future of Food - Erich Sieber, PeakBridge
  • Predict Consumer F&B Preferences - Jason Cohen, Gastrograph
  • Healthy Food - Verleen Goh, Alchemy FoodTech 

Food & Agri Startups 1 2
  • UrbanCrop - Turnkey urban farming (stackable container farms)
  • Startchy - Natural starch coating for fruit & vegetables (vs wax)
  • Bluwrap - Food freshness from lower oxygen (vs lower temperature)
  • SoilSteam - Pest management using steam (vs chemical pesticides)
  • Pheronym - Pest management using pheromones
  • CeresWave - Pest management using plasma also
  • Triton - Delicious algae (protein, amino acid, omega oil rich)
  • Amai - Sugar substitute from designer proteins

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