Cartesian Bifurcation

Literature as a Guide to Human Nature [tomorrow, Sat, 2:30pm 15 Sep 2018 @ KL] is an event of the KL International Arts Festival (DiverseCity). Great literature studies the human heart in conflict with itself. Hear distinguished panelists suggest why literary works are fascinating guides to human character (panelist & sample writing):
Malim Ghozali - Understanding Perfection
Tiffany Atkinson - Kink and Particle image
David TK Wong - Evergreen Tea House
Terence Netto - Cartesian Bifurcation

Malim Ghozali, a former Administrative and Diplomatic officer, attended the Virginia Center for Creative Arts and the prestigious Iowa International Writing Program. Tiffany Atkinson is Professor of Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. Her poetry Kink and Particle won the Jerwood Aldeburgh First Collection Prize. David TK Wong was a Fellow in Economics at Oxford, journalist, Hong Kong civll servant and corporate officer before migrating to UK, but now resides in Malaysia. He is the founder of the David TK Wong Fellowship in Creative Writing. Terence Netto is the moderator. Cartesian Bifurcation [seeing matters in only black or white] refers to an essay he wrote for the event.